The Original Group that Began the whole Sensation of Thomas Reyman was the Guests, however they were formed under Thomas Reyman who was just a High School Dropout at the time. They went on to have success in the UK and have countless singles like: Radio Signal, Dinner With the Guests and Fever. They have sold over Seven Million Albums round the world ever since their breakup in 1979. They Rejoined for one last album together in 1987, but that was their last album.

1969 - 1978, 1987Edit

Rookie Years (1969 - 1972)Edit

After Thomas Reyman arrived from New York, he went on to find himself a Piano at a Yardsale in his in Salt Lake City, Utah. Thomas Reyman found The Blitz who was an Employee at a Music Shop in Town who also wanted to get his good Friend Jackie Akyroyd involved on this. As the three got together, they couldn't decide a name for their band, so they invited their friends and family over and asked for a name for their bands. As a Sudden Inspiration, Thomas Reyman suggested "The Guests". They took it and added Thomas' Name to the front and finally the band was formed. Thomas and The Guests all went ahead to find a Record Label and found Capitol Records, but they turned down the Guests. They thought all hope was lost until Thomas Reyman came up with the Idea of addressing EMI which turned into a major success. They finally had a deal and they had a great speed at writing their songs with the first album done in seven nights. The Album Introducing: the Guests became a small success and was the first album of the year 1971. Two more Albums pumped out of the year with the Guests Go Fine Dining as a minor success and finally Construction With the Guests became the biggest hit of the Guests for that year. Finally The year was over and the next year only one album was released and that was The Guests: On Ice! which became a big success in the UK and in three other European Countries, but it did not become a hit in the US. They Quit EMI and went to PolyGram Records and persued their musical interest there.

Golden Years (1973 - 1977)Edit

At PolyGram Records they didn't do well with their Album Phil with the Guests, so they didn't go back to PolyGram, but they went to Capitol Records again and found peace there with their want to have them back. They finally chose Capitol Records and started to record Albums. Thomas Reyman wanted to do a Concert Tour in 1974, so they only released People Stare At the Guests that was a major Success in both the UK and US as well as several other European Countries with some success in Australia. They went on Tour in Europe and in the United States. They then took a break for a year and finally went back to music writing in 1975, but they needed five albums by '77. They started to write and Thomas Reyman wrote Two Albums, but one got turned down by the other band members with the other being accepted by them as The Guests Find Flowers and the other band members in the same year made three other albums with them as Picture Colored in the Gallery, The River of Styx, Testimony and Maniac On the Road. They went ahead after realizing that because of the major success of "The Guests Find Flowers, they released the other album as Ophelia Greets The Guests. They Stopped there and the Guests finished with a big bang of a success of a multi-Platinum album. Thomas Reyman then Wanted to break up the band for several reasons such as financial Affairs and Freedom of Creativity. The Group Disbanded in March of 1977.

Final Album (1987)Edit

After a decade without any activity, Thomas Reyman wanted to get the band together for an album he wrote along with his band as well, so he took original material written with the Blitz and Akyroyd and named it as the Final Call. The Album became a major success in the UK and Canada with the US having Minor Success. Thomas Reyman said

"If this was a permanent Reunion, I wouldn't be saying the Final Call because I wanted a big bang for an ending. I wanted to show the world that together we can make a difference."

The Album spawned two singles: We Are One and Time For Goodbye which both also were attributed to the Soundtrack to the film "2 Hearts, 1 Soul". Thomas Broke up the Group and they never got back together.


NOTE: The number of * besides the Album is the number of Singles from the Album.

Live AlbumsEdit

Compilation AlbumsEdit

NOTE: The Three Volumes became packaged as one as The Guests Volumes.

Personnel Edit

Thomas Reyman - Vocalist(1970 - 1987), Guitarist(1971-1974), Keyboardist(1972-1987), Lyricist(1971-1977), Producer(1987)

The Blitz - Guitarist(1971-1987), Lyricist (1987)

Jackie Akyroyd - Bassist(1971-1977)

Mel Swayze - Producer(1971-1974), Drummer(1971-1987)