Thomas Castello Reyman (1953) is a Musician. He has over 55 Albums divided into Five Eras of Music. He has 1 Diamond Album. He has released more than 70 singles and has attained world fame through his musical talents and is affiliated with groups such as The Guests and Red Prince. His Group the Chess Pieces has earned him a Grammy award and made him a face of Music.

Early LifeEdit

Thomas Reyman was born in Salt Lake City, Utah to Anne Marie and George Oswald Reyman who both lived as classical music players. His family then left for New York to working in the Metropolitan Theater there. Thomas Reyman showed talent of a Pianist and was taken to Juliard to improve on his ability. By age Eleven, he was a very gifted Pianist and played many different pieces to his own accord.

When he reached Age Thirteen, his voice was discovered by a music teacher who heard him singing "How Firm A Foundation". He was again entered back into Juliard and was taught the best of his abilities with his voice. By the age of 15, he was considered "A Talent among Talents". After which he was then taken to Utah again to stay for good.

Early Career and Beginning of the GuestsEdit

Thomas Reyman started out with a simple band called the "Old Geezers" who sang covers of old songs such as Irving Berlin's "White Christmas" and performed the Beatles more often than others. The Band quickly ended and didn't get a chance in the music industry.

Thomas Reyman then started the Guests with The Blitz who gathered several people. The band didn't become a hit at first, but evolved to such a high expectancy. It finally received more attention as it evolved from a small band Idea to a project worth continuing.

Leaving the Guests and Solo CareerEdit

Thomas Reyman left The Guests in the mid-70's to expand on his musical career. He then had a successful career for the rest of the 70's and through the 80's. He came back to The Guests for one more album and they had a huge success with their Rock Oriented album.

He then formed the Red Prince group after being inspired by a performance of King Crimson. After forming, he released two albums in the year they were there and they had acclaim in both the Progressive Rock world and the Music industry.

He broke them up and went on to advance with his career. His career then advanced as he received more attention in many different styles. Currently he has started the Chess Pieces which gained him a Grammy Award.

Personal LifeEdit

Currently he is married to his Wife Lisa who is also a talk show host. He has had Three Children, Andrew, Naomi, and Noah. Each one of them an artist.


Thomas Reyman is also a Science Fiction Author who wrote Seven books and Three Short Story Collections. Three of his Books gained a Nebula Award and all of them a Hugo Award. Three of these Books belong to the Zion Trilogy and Two to the Remael Dulogy.

And his Short Stories:

He has also written three Essays on how to write and Four Articles on Music.


Thomas Reyman has demonstrated that he has an extended range of Two Octaves below Middle C and Four Octaves Above Middle C. With that, his range has been called extraordinary and is a major powerhouse. He draws influences from Operatic voicing, he also draws inspiration from Sam Cooke and Bing Crosby, but since the 80's, he has been influenced by Steve Perry and Frank Sinatra.


Thomas Reyman is also an abstract artist who has painted three major Artworks and seven minor artworks.


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