The Wizard Wind From Mars


The Wizard Wind From Mars


Mycroft Johannson






Xorique Sequence

The Wizard Wind From Mars is the second novel in the Xorique Sequence by Mycroft Johannson that has received little attention.


Taking place 1300 years before Seven by Seven, Xorique is under a Cataclysmic storm caused by a spherical object that floats in the sky and only appears in the eye of the storm, but those who see it often have had near death experiences or have died. King Rash-Iadim of Lorim began a quest to search for the most mystical item in the possession of Wizard Seth-Ankh, the Shard of Making. In his throne room, he is restless and going mad with the idea of such a power existing that he wants it all to himself. He consults his seers who inform him that the Wizard is naught to be found.

Almost giving up, the King consults at last the high priestess of the Spherical object who they call "Gestalt" who tells him that the wizard was holed up in the city of the dead, Shaq-Aubar. Beginning his journey with his most trusted warriors, The King travels cross land through perilous marshes, deserts and foreboding mountains to the valley of Ghujar. There, he looks down at the ruined city and sees a potential in it, promising himself to free it from its desolate curse.

Descending the mountains, they crawl through long rivers of sludge and through torrental rain to the city. There in the palace, they met up with Seth-Ankh. The king takes his blade and strikes at Seth-Ankh, but he foresaw this event occurring and hid in the catacombs with the Shard of Making.