The Spark of Fate is the first novel in the first Trilogy of Drasna Series by Mortecai Lubbock. It was published in 1965 and was collected in the Ombious collection, The Chronicles of Drasna along with Conqueror of Cauldos, The Xaltoubian Sword, The Countess of the Sun, The Jester of The Moon, and Lost Prince of God.

The Prologue was originally the Short Story "The Thunderbone Chair" which introduced Drasna who draws the sword from the Thunderbone Chair and unleashes the force of the Demon God upon the world, but attains the great power of Runeslayer.

The First Five Chapters were originally part of a Novelette that was rejected, but was fixed up to be a part of the novel. Some of the names carried on and the plot of the First Five was still there, but the story was extended with story about Drasna.


Drasna draws the blade Runslayer and unleashes the Demon God upon the world, but gains tremendous power. The Demon God then, in a boom of thunder and a crash of lightning, travels to the Eternal Ruins of Faerk in Rumas. Meanwhile in Uarfhrd, Ashraad, a slave under Lord Ruthk, is devising a plan to overthrow his master. He tells of how he sent Drasna to take the sword from the Throne, but he is caught plotting and taken to Ruthk in his Manor.

Ashraad explains that he discovered a secret involving the sword and he accidentily told Drasna, but Ruthk isn't fooled and executes him. Drasna arrives at the Manor after a long trip and sees his friend Ashraad dead on the table. He draws the sword begins to fight Ruthk, but he fails to die quickly. After Ruthk was finally killed, Drasna Buried Ashraad in his grave in the back of the manner and made a headstone for him.

Drasna then rides on to Gildea and finds the town in ruins. He finds a small group of people inside a house outside of the village and stays there.