The Guests Go to Dinner
Released 1971
Recorded March - April, 1971
Genre (s) Pop, Art Rock
Length 28:39
Label (s) EMI
Producer Thomas Reyman, Mel Swayze
Introducing: the Guests
Construction With the Guests
The Guests Go Fine Dining is the Second Album by The Guests and it had a little success with it's single Dinner With the Guests, which is the first in the "Dinner" Series of Songs. The album received very little attention until the single released and the single went to number 152, the second lowest single on the charts for the guests.


  1. Dinner With the Guests - 2:48
  2. My Faire Lorainne - 3:22
  3. Casablanca: The Story - 13:33
  • Intro
  • Story
  • End

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