The Berryman Orchestra is a Progressive Rock Musical Project Started by Olaf Gunderson and Michael Berryman. The American Composer Michael Berryman thought up the Idea when he played alongside Keith Emerson in an Orchestral version of Tarkus. He conceived it while he was working in his home studio, but took the project to Olaf Gunderson to use his studio, Tigerwoods Studio. Michael Berryman is both the Composer and the Director of the Project, acting also as the lead Keyboardist. Michael's Wife, Rachel, has added additional vocals to the project and Cliff Hovda co-arranged and played Drums on Five Albums.

The Berryman Orchestra has released Twelve Albums.


The Berryman Orchestra began very small as Michael didn't have a very clear Idea yet, since he only begun in 1995. He hired Olaf Gunderson, a very talented Producer of music and a virtuoso Flautist. He also hired his wife and his friend, Cliff Hovda to help. He then reached out to his friend Cho Ming from China and got a talented Guitarist from her.

He then reached out for a Bassist named Chuck Morrison, giving him a job again. Afterwards, he called his cousin Mel Stephenson to play Violin for them. They had a full team and began to record their albums.

The band recorded for the first time in 1996 and released their first album, Nerine on Virgin Records. After Five months, the album became Gold and The Berryman Orchestra continued on.


The main influences for their style of Progressive rock are bands like King Crimson, Yes, Early Genesis, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, and the lesser known bands like Gentle Giant and Cathedral.

They also draw on some of Enigma's electronic Ideas to form a more Modern sound in contrast to the traditional Progressive Rock Sound.


Studio Albums:

Live Albums: