Scott Francis-Lindblum Gorksi (October 12, 1965) is a Polish Author and Professor of Advanced Mathematics and Biochemistry at Cambridge University, best known for his works in Science Fiction and Mathematics. Gorksi has books published in all ten Categories of the Dewey Decimal System (with the only other author who has done that Being Isaac Asimov), being one of the most Prolific Writers of Science Fiction publishing over 400 Books and an estimated 10,000 Short Stories and Novellas.

Gorksi is well known for his Character, Mathematician Fyodor Ustinov and the Future History he created with Ustinov in it. He is more famous for his Chronicles of a Skeptical Mathematician Series he has placed Ustinov in and also for his Deosium Trilogy which furthered the Adventures of Ustinov. He is also known for his Starscream Trilogy and his Danen Chronicles, forming a large history. He has been nominated for Hugos and Nebulas, winning Three Hugos, Two Nebulas, Four Phillip K. Dick Awards, Five Seiun Awards, A Booker Award and a National Book Award. He was nominated Twice for the Pulitzer Prize and was Nominated for The Nobel Prize in Literature. Along with Peter Dunyach and Damon Enrico, he is part of what is called The New Big Three of Science Fiction.


Scott Gorksi was born sometime between October 1 to October 12 of 1965 in Wroclaw to Essayist Oskar Gorksi and Writer Marie Salomea Gorksi.

He was raised in a poor family of farmers with two other Siblings, Anna Gorksi and Peter Gorksi, but never saw them for a while after the age of 12 when they were taken to his Aunt's home in France. He was then sent away to a private school to earn his proper education. At the age of 14, his family moved to America where he began to demonstrate his capacity for learning.

Though his family was very Fluent in Polish, they never spoke it. Instead, they spoke a language Marie Gorksi made up, called Dulainen. So he learned English while in America, but always spoke in Dulainen when he was unconciously trying to speak.

His Family bought a Candy Store in Downtown New York and began working.

Education and CareerEdit

Scott Gorksi began reading Science Fiction when he picked up a book of Andre Norton froma Free Book Pile in Wroclaw. Afterwards, he began devouring book after book of Science Fiction, all that he could find. He then found a book Arthur C. Clarke one day and was estatic about it. He read 2001: A Space Odyssey and became more interested in Space Travel than anything. He began writing his first stories at a young age of 12 and dreamt of a Futuristic World where there will be Flying Cars and Spaceships.

He attended a Private School in Poland at his Father's wishes, earning a good amount of knowledge there. Afterwards, in New York, he attended several Public Schools and earned good grades straight through to Graduation. Afterwards, he decided to leave for Massechusetts to attend M.I.T, which recently accepted him.

After College, he joined the United States Marine for Three Years and was honorably discharged at the end of his career in the military. He rose to the Status of Sargeant Major during this time, the fastest ever done.

Personal LifeEdit

Gorksi married Tracy Francis-Lindblum who he loved so much, he changed his middle name to Francis-Linblum. He had two children with her, Nancy Gorksi and Ingrid Gorksi, the latter became a Writer and works at a Print Shop in Brooklyn.

Gorksi is an Audiophile and always said, "My Dream will to one day be compiling Mathematics equations while listening to the cleanest sounds and music of Tchaikovsky First Piano Concerto in a recording Studio."

Scott Gorksi was Deathly Afraid of Riding the Train, so he has never ridden one in his entire Life. He has flown Three Times on an Aircraft, but did not like the height. He enjoyed riding boats out of the Bay in Manhattan, especially his favorite boat, Misty.

He spoke on occasion about Mathematical Theories to Students and taught to people many different Theories that co-existed with some of Einstein's Theories. He also attended Science Fiction Conventions to Give Talks about different theories he thought were right and some that he thought wrong. He was a Guest of Honor at Worldcon in 1988, along with several other collegues.

He is a Stamp Collector as well, starting a small group called The Stamp Office, which has become a large society of Stamp Collectors. He has a stamp collection in his home that spans over Two Full Bedrooms and a part of his Living Area.



Scott Gorksi has his Writings Seperated into Three Distinct Periods of his Life. His early Career was dominated by the obssession over Space Travel and Distant Colonies, so he wrote many stories on that. It lasted from his early Youth to the Publication of Something Is There. He Published his First Nonfiction Book on Linear Math Equations and Trying to help students understand it. He published well over Sixty of these books during the time period between 1980 and 1984. He began writing fiction once more, but while he was working on Non-Fiction as well.

Gorksi believes that "My Greatest Contribution to the Society of Mankind will be my Works. My Math shall prevail as Teachings and my Fiction as Lessons." He often added morals to his stories, creating a believable story that reflects the natural behavior. He is often accredited with the invention of the Terms such as Landin and Entoli.

Science FictionEdit

Gorksi began his interest in Science Fiction when he picked up a Book by Andre Norton entitled Star Gate. After that, he became more and more interested, so he began devouring every single book he could find. When he came across Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey, he became intrigued with space travel. Afterwards, he began writing stories himself.

His first short story entitled Conquest of Europa, was a fan fiction of 2001: A Space Odyssey Set sometime after the discovery of life on Europa.


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