Andre Pierre Roland Dunyach (October 20 1947 - May 7 1994), better known as Roland Dunyach, was a French Author who published More than thirty Novels, Hundreds of Short Stories and wrote poetry. First Published in 1962, Dunyach's works explore themes of Psychological development, insanity, Intrigue, Death and Transcendence.


Roland Dunyach was born in Vélizy-Villacoublay, France to Jaques Dunyach and Lois Cabot. He stayed in France until World War Two when his Family Fled to America. Roland was then raised in New York for a while and attended school there. He received a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering when he went to college and went to work in places, but he wanted to write, so he began to write.

At the age of 32, he was told he had Cancer, so he retreated to write his works even more than ever. He died Age 50 from Lung Cancer and was buried in New York.


This is a Complete list of his Bibliography.

Jeffrey Soehl Series

Annabel Trilogy

Stand-Alone Novels

Poetry and Short Story Anthologies