Red Prince was an American Rock Band that lasted from 1980 - 1994. The Band was formed in New York City when Thomas Reyman Met with Placido Lopez who wanted to form a band with several other people. It became famous after playing at the Minneapolis Amphitheater for free. Line ups were Frequent after that, releasing album after album with Thomas Reyman the only Constant member.

In 1999, The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Thomas Reyman, Placido Lopez, Arnold Paolo, Nathan Baker, and Perry Newton being honored.

Red Prince has been awarded Three Grammies and has sold more than 90,000,000 Albums worldwide.

Formation (1979 - 1980)Edit

Thomas Reyman had recently broken up the Guests and had become a solo artists, so he decided to travel to New York to meet with Music Producer Placido Lopez who also was looking for another band member to form a band. When they met, they decided to form a band and they searched for a few more members. Lopez went and found Arnold Paolo and Nathan Baker, while Reyman found Perry Newton. They got together and formed the band.

First Albums (1980 - 1983)Edit

They began recording albums after the band was formed and they sold very few in their first years. Thomas Reyman then advertised their music and begun selling a bit more, but they didn't sell much. Then Reyman changed the Genre from Hard Rock to Synthpop which gained them more attention.

They didn't receive a large fanbase until they released their album Rose of Mellotrons which incorporated the use of the Mellotron with the use of the Minimoog, the ARV Solina Strings, and Synthesizers. It was their first Gold album from such a small amount of money.

Second Lineup (1983 - 1985)Edit

Baker and Paolo decided to leave after a short while and Lopez had family issues that took him away from his work. Reyman found Manager Orson Stubbs who also brought along Quinton Weis and Annie Taylor who both decided to play. They recorded four albums per year until 1985 when they went to the Minneapolis Amphitheater. When they went to the Amphitheater, Red Prince gained recognition from playing Old Glory, gaining an instant single from the song.

They Released several more albums until the breakup of Red Prince for Several Months.

Third Lineup (1986 - 1990)Edit

Thomas Reyman asked Placido Lopez to come back to the group after a while of breaking up the group. Gladly, He came back, but wanted a new group of people. They found Keyboardist Anton Anjou and Guitarist Dain Wagner who joined the group along with Weis and Taylor.

They gainede a Grammy for their album Mississippi Wonderboat, receiving several Singles from the album. The Lineup continued until 1990 when Weis died of Cancer.

Final Lineup (1990 - 1994)Edit

Weis was replaced by Former Drummer Arnold Paolo and they brought in Calvin Li who took the Saxophone. The group continued recording albums until 1994 when Thomas Reyman Broke the group up over Financial Affairs and a fever that put him in a hospital bed.

The group was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Five years after they broke up.


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