Peter Asimov Dunyach (September 30, 1967) is a Researcher of Nuclear Development and is a Science Fiction Author. Peter has a Ph.D in Physics and a Bachelor's Degree in Scientific Engineering. He also has a Masters in Writing and a Ph.D in Chemistry. Peter has received an Arthur C. Clarke Award, Three Nebula Awards, Five Hugo Awards, Two Phillip K. Dick Awards, Five Locus Awards, and the Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award. He is the editor of Several Magazines including Beyond Space Magazine, which has won Three Awards, including the Phillip K. Dick Award. He has been considered one of the most influential writers of the Genre since Robert Heinlein. He is often Called the Second Heinlein. Along with Damon Enrico and Scott Gorksi, they are considered The New Big Three of Science Fiction.

Dunyach is the only writer to be taught by Roland Dunyach and Jackie Akyroyd on how to write. From being taught, he has also worked on novels with Akyroyd and Dunyach before his death. He has also worked with Thomas Reyman, Damon Enrico, and Scot Gorksi.

Dunyach's works encompass what has been called "Ke'tar Mythos", am large expansive universe which Dunyach has written 40 Novels for and 90 Short Stories. He has also written different series and has written Five Different Trilogies with other authors. Dunyach is a prolific Science Fiction author who rose to fame after his first Novel in the Ke'tar Mythos, Wake Before Dawn.

Early LifeEdit

Born September 30, 1967, Peter was raised in Minnesota as his Mother and Father taught him how to write. When he was Three years of age, he saw the Moon Mission and became inspired to become an Astronaut. At the Age of 9, his father left the family and he was raised without a father for several months, but his mother married again.

During his Youth, Dunyach wrote Short Stories to Science Fiction Magazines and had some of his stories published. Dunyach also wrote some Hypothetical Essays that explored theories of Traveling Light Speed and breaking laws of Physics without actually breaking them. These Ideas have been incorporated in some of his stories from his youth and also from his future stories.

Military and CollegeEdit

At the age of 17, Dunyach joined the Army for Four years. After departing from the Military, He went to school to get a Ph.D in Physics and Chemistry, a Bachelor's Degree in Scientific Engineering, and a Masters in Writing. It was in College that Peter Dunyach got a chance to meet Scott Gorksi for the first time, who at the time was a successful author already. He also met Thomas Reyman who was teaching at a Seminar for the first time, Yuka Hisaishi for the First time in the US who was giving a small Class on how to write Science Fiction.


Dunyach wrote several more short stories to the Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy, where he began his career. He continued writing for them for a while and wrote some of his novels during this time. It was also during this time when he received his job working for the Military as a Researcher for the Nuclear Development that had been considered top secret.

Dunyach then during the summer of 1993 met with Damon Enrico who was curious as to his writing skills. Enrico then wrote a novel with Dunyach and published the story Angels of Jupiter which had become one of the most influential novels of the 90's. Dunyach continued to write non-stop, even during his work time. He began to research different Philosophies and was able to write more short stories with the amount of time he had.

By the time the 90's had ended, He was already a winner of Two Hugos, A Nebula, A Phillip K. Dick Award, and Three Locus Awards. Dunyach then was asked by Scott Gorksi to write a Novel with him. Dunyach agreed and they both wrote the novel, Hindering of Light in a Year.

Dunyach continued to write throughout the 2000's and is still writing to this day.


Dunyach began his own Magazine, Beyond Space Magazine, in 1998 when he wanted to read other stories out there. He received a Nebula for the Magazine and a Phillip K. Dick Award as well. After that, he began contributing to editing Anthologies and began two other Magazines: Dunyach's Science Fiction Magazine, and Centennial Magazine.


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Peter Dunyach has begun two Major Series under his name:

The Ke'tar Mythos which has run for 40 Novels and 90 Short Stories.

The Aquarion Mythos which has Run for 12 Novels and 32 short Stories.

Ke'tar MythosEdit

The Ke'tar Mythos began as Peter Dunyach wrote the Novel Wake Before Dawn, which began his Idea of the Mythos. He worked around the idea and took several of his Hyopthetical Essays and put their theories to use. He then wrote Seven Novels that emcompass the rest of what is known as the Colony Series.

After writing more for the Mythos, he came up with the Language for the Ke'tar and the Juvian System by studying how to do this. After studying how to do this, Dunyach began to incorporate the languages into his novels. He then completed over 20 Novels in less than 5 years.

He finally expanded backwards and Forward as he completed his Prelude and Prologue Series. He then also completed the Juvian Civil War Trilogy which was a very important part and a book won the Nebula Award. He then worked with Thomas Reyman on a Novel in the Ke'tar Mythos entitled, Gamble on The Phoenix. After a complete Decade of working on the Mythos, he halted for a bit and worked on his next Mythos, Aquarion.

In the Year 2009, he announced he was writing a New Story for the Ke'tar Mythos, but it would be divided into Several Books. In 2010, he Published them in Three Months and one won the Locus Award and the Hugo. In 2011, he published his next Four Books in the Storyline for the Newest part of the Mythos. He decided to "Pick up the Axe and Start Chopping again."

Aquarion MythosEdit

The Aquarion Mythos began in 2000 as he published the first novel, The Pacific Empire where he decided to work on another Mythos. He then began working around with the stories and incorporated some of his essays into the Mythos, making the Mythos more Believable. After Several Years of Planning, he began writing more for the Series, but didn't write much more than 12 Novels.

He plans to write more novels in the future, but calls this a "Starting Spot". He has returned to it in several short Stories and has won the Arthur C. Clarke Award for the Acheivement of the Mythos.

Other WritingsEdit

Dunyach wrote 19 other novels during his Career and they have been published sparsely throughout twenty years. Dunyach collected his Short Stories and published them in Anthologies, has written poetry and published them. He also wrote some Juvenvile Fiction as well, but he only wrote Three Novels for kids.

Personal LifeEdit

Dunyach Lives with his Wife Sarah in Denver, Colorado with his Two children. He enjoys fishing and has enjoyed hiking as well.

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