Philbert Paine Terry (August 9, 1947) or better known by Pen Name P. Terry is a British Author and Physician. He is well known for his English Margin Series, but also for his Inner Universe Trilogy. He is a Science Fiction Author and an Advocate for practicing estranged Medicine.


Philbert was born in Sussex, England to Paine and Agatha Terry. Paine was a Surgeon and his mother was an Author as well. Paine received Education in Cambridge University while Agatha attended London University. Philbert Graduated from School in 1965 and went to attend Cambridge University where he Graduated Suma Cum Laude, Majoring in Medicine and Physics.

He Moved to London where he moved into a flat with fellow Author William Goddard. He began writing his First Book, an Analysis on The Epic of Beowulf entitled, The Rise of a Legend: Beowulf. It turned into a small success and gained attention from Academic Communities and aroused amazement because of the cleansliness of his work.

In 1979, he published his next book, Horserider, which became a New York Times Best Seller. Afterwards, he began to work on his first novel in the English Margin, The Foundation Stone. It was awarded a Pulitzer Prize and a Booker Prize, being a Number One New York Times Best Seller and was recognized as the Book of the Year.

He currently lives in Nottingham in his Village Home. He has Two Cats and continues writing his novels.