Noah Archibald Reyman (1992) is the Second and Youngest Son of Thomas Reyman. He is the only one of Thomas' Children who is a full Time Musician. He is a classical Pianist and is a Composer himself. He appears only once in Thomas Reyman's albums.

Early LifeEdit

Noah was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and was raised in Utah. Noah was discovered a Virtuoso on the Piano and was taught how play correctly and how to read music. By the Age of 14, he was playing Mozart in Concert Halls around the United States. He then persued to write music and became very skilled at it. He continued writing for a while and began to record his music.


He now is a Professional Singer and Pianist, but plays Classical Music. He has been discovered with the same vocal range as his father making him a Prodigy. He has recorded Two albums with only Four songs with him singing. One of his Albums was nominated for a Grammy Award.



Symphony No. 1 "The Lovebirds"

Hamburg Suite

Symphony No. 2

Sonata in C Major R. 001 "Gatefold"