Naomi Stella Reyman (1986) is the Only Daughter and Second Eldest of Thomas Reyman. She is a world reknowned Animator and is known well for her Sparkbolt Trilogy Film. She is also an Ocassional singer with her father and was a Composer of Several Pieces.

Early LifeEdit

Naomi was born in Hamburg, Germany as Thomas Reyman was traveling there. She was raised by Thomas Reyman for Three Years, but she was then raised by her Grandmother in Germany who taught her how to sing and how to draw. She learned plenty of how to draw and became well skilled in singing and in Drawing. She drew her first major work "The Fall of Humanity" at the age of 14. She continued to study privately until the age of 18 when she went back to the US and went to Utah State University.


Her first Animation, "the Fuhrer" was a failure in the Box offices, so she went and tried to work again. She then picked up the pieces and wrote the Sparkbolt Trilogy which she is well reknowned for. She wrote it off the Star Wars Trilogy. After that, she started to write more movies and became interested in Anime and began to work with Anime more often. Now she is a present Advocate of Anime and her latest, Mum has become a major hit in the Box Office.

Personal LifeEdit

She has been married since 2009 to Richard Cobalt and is about to have Child.


Sparkbolt Trilogy

Keeper Series

Other Animations

Game Design CareerEdit

Naomi started to work with Games in 2006 when she received interest in the Japanese Artworks. She used Hayao Miyazaki and Yoshitaka Amano as her influences and did illustration for Several Games, including some Japanese Games.

Solo Game Illustration Works

With Sasori Toriyama

With Hana Rinjiku