Mortecai Edwin Lubbock (October 12, 1939) is an American Writer, Primarily of Fantasy and Science Fiction, who has also published a number of novels and short stories.

Mortecai Lubbock has mentioned Charles Dickens, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Ruyard Kipling and Lewis Carrol as his first source of Imagination. He was a Newspaper Editor in his Hometown of Juxton, North Carolina and published monthly serials.

He became Editor of the Science Fiction Magazine Goldship Voyages during the 60's and is notoriously known for being the publisher of the Serial by Phil Durham, The Goldship Voyages and The Unknown Sins and Deeds of Captain Reynolds Vrishka, which was banned in the United Kingdoms for Supporting Anti-Authoritian Themes that touch on private topics of the Political Life in Britain.

Lubbock has also written under several different Pseudonysms such as Amigo, Gale Buick, and Edwin Washington. Under the name Amigo he wrote Several Western Stories that were included in Old Western Stories and Newer Adventures. The name Gale Buick was used to write Three novels that were Historical Fiction that were related to Julius Ceaser. Edwin Washington was used to write Scripts for Several Movies and some lyrics. Lately, Mortecai Lubbock has been writing under the name Ether Corvin, noted for his Nebula Award Winning Novel, Shaking the Past Off The Future.


Mortecai Lubbock was born in Charlston, South Carolina to Parents Michael Lubbock and Reba Lubbock nee Anderson. In his youth, he moved to Juxton Carolina where he'd stay for most of his life.

Lubbock was married Two times to Hilary Hampton and April Marks. Hilary was an Architect who was famous for housing in South Carolina. April Marks was an Illustrator and did several book covers for Lubbock, but afterwards married Phil Durham.

Lubbock was a member of The Guild of Sword and Sorcery (TGSS), a loose group of Sword and Sorcery Writers who connected with each other at different points of time.

Lubbock has been a Guest of Honor at the Science Fiction Convention of North Carolina and in the World Fantasy Convention several times. He is a 2000 Inductee into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame.


In 1954 at the age of 13, Lubbock became Editor of his own Newspaper in Juxton, North Carolina. He would later Edit his School's Literary Magazine and would eventually write stories for the Magazine himself. He was also given the job as Co-Editor of his Library's Newspaper, The Juxton Papers.

His First Novel was published in 1970 Under Editorship of Goldship Voyages which help launch New Wave Science Fiction into Mass Media.

He has also written under several Pastiches of his favorite authors like Arthur Conan Doyle and Robert E. Howard. All of his Fantasy Adventures before 1985 have been humorous and without seriousness to devote itself to the genre. In 1985, his Genre Shifted Directly to Fantasy, which resulted in a need for Seriousness and caused him to write even better than what he produced before.

His Series like The Captain Heirot Series, The Arnett Trilogy and the Conclave of New York Duology have been pegged by Critics like Arthur Newman and Zelda Gobrinsky as Contemporary Fiction.

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