Jackie Hannah Fleur de Lune Akyroyd (often Shortened to Jackie Hannah Akyroyd) (born September 17, 1947) is a Musician, An Author, and a Long Time Video Game Director. She has releaeed Seven Albums on her own label "Akyroyd Records". She has started the Company 7round Entertainment which has released hundreds of game on several different Consoles and as been named "Mistress of The Gaming World" by Game Informer.

She won major awards and was nominated for several. She has won over Twelve Locus Awards, Three Nebula Awards, Four Hugos, Five Phillip K. Dick Awards, Two World Fantasy Awards and was almost a Nobel Prize Laureate. She has received the World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement and has been nicknamed "A Living Legend" by the Library of Congress.


Jackie Akyroyd was born in the city of Cincinnati to Eric and Hannah Akyroyd. She lived there until the age of 16 where she went to Minneapolis. There she studied music at High School, learning how to play the Piano and the Bass. She Graduated from College with a Degree in Writing and in Music. She then moved out west to find a Career in Music with the group The Guests which she stayed with until 1977 when she began to work on her first solo album, Akyroyd. She had her major breakthrough with her album, but she then began to work in writing her novels.

She published Three Different Novels in the same year, all nominated for the Nebula, the Locus and the Hugo award. Only Shadows from The Door won the Nebula and the Hugo award, so she began working more on her novels. In the next year, she published her first in the Jade Trilogy, Anastasia. The novel was nominated for the Hugo and the Nebula award, winning the Locus award that year. She also made her next album, Jackie Gone Back.

After the Nintendo came out, she decided to get a job in designing games. She founded her company 7round Entertainment which began with the game, Monkey Case. It became a major failure in the US and received a little attention in Japan. After a few games, she published her first RPG, Canis XI which became a huge success in both the US and Japan.

When the Nineties rolled around, Jackie Akyroyd was awarded already her rewards for her novels. After the SNES came out, she began working on games for the SNES. She was named "Game Developer of the Decade" with her innovation in the game designing world. She was awarded the World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement in 1999, after working on more than twelve novels. She began in 1997 her most successful series, the Revelation Series which has run for Nine Novels.



Home For Venus

Shadows from The Door

Shining Stars

Jade Trilogy

Rodeo Home

Wonders of The Earth


Thrones Tetrology

Homage for Heaven

A Pleasure of Dreams

Robot Trilogy


Revelation Series


Short Stories Collections and AnthologiesEdit

Akyroyd: A Short Story Collection

Prisoner of The Aru and Other Stories

Dance of Aky

Forest of Legends

Akyroyd Anthology I

Akyroyd Anthology II

Akyroyd Anthology III


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Jackie Gone Back

Black and Beyond

Personal LifeEdit

Jackie has been married Two times, first to Author Roland Dunyach, which lasted for Twelve Years and Two children, Rosa Dunyach and Peter Dunyach. Then she married to Film Maker, Nathan Halecki who gave her four more children, Ernest Halecki, Joseph Halecki, and Janus Halecki. She then divorced Nathan after a Fourteen year marriage in 1990, becoming single once again. She now lives in Portland, Oregon with her family.