Introducing - The Guests
Released 1971
Recorded January, 1971
Genre (s) Pop Rock, Art Rock
Length 34:23
Label (s) EMI record Label
Producer Thomas Reyman, Mel Swayze
the Guests Go Fine Dining
Introducing: The Guests is the First Album by the Guests to have been released. This began as a minor success for them and brought them to the attention of America with a single, Radio Signal.


  1. Introducing: The Guests! - 4:23
  2. Raining Cats and Dogs - 5:49
  3. Sliver on Time - 3:11
  4. Radio Signal - 4:38
  5. Capturing the Moment - 3:22
  6. The Man Behind Glass - 4:00
  7. Cloudy and Rainy - 3:26
  8. The Ship of Golden Dreams - 4:34
  9. Another Day, Another Rain - 2:00

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