Indiana Markus Alistair Brown (1961) is an American-German Science Fiction Author. He is well known for his Feuer-Marke Saga and his Hexerei Series, winning Three Hugos, Five Nebula Awards, and Seven Locus Awards. He has also written other novels and short stories, also has been an editor of the magazine Red/Green Magazine. He is a recipient of the World Fantasy Award five times, also receiving the World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement. He was nominated to be a Grand Master of Science Fiction Five Times, but was turned down each time.

He is also known to be a part of the Brown Family, consisting of Five Brothers and Three Sisters. His younger brother, Derek Brown and his Older Brother, Tannen Brown are both famous for their works as well.



Indy claimed his influence comes from a lot of places, "But one particular is Mycroft Johannson. His literary Genius surpasses even those recognized for some literary excellence. Having written more than 1,400 novels, I aspire to become what he his: A Superhuman."

He also claims influence from Isaac Asimov, Robert E. Heinlein, Robert E. Howard, H.P. Lovecraft, among others.


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