The Feuer-Marke Saga is a Fantasy Sage written by Indy Brown. The story is set in the world of Adar'il on the continent of Zicil, following the journey of the Exiled warrior Edami to find the legendary Firebrand, the sword to relenquish sins and to rejuvenate the soul's pure self. He has to do this in time to return to the great city of Atias, the heart of the world, in time to slay the beast in the Eldritch Catacombs beneath in the sewers. He does this while racing against the tides of time and gods to make way to slay the Exiled Beast, Yugoroth.


The setting of the story, Adar'il, is a world "Caught in the crosswind of space and time, being the playground of gods and the Spiritual Home of Magic". It consists of Three Major continents and four major Oceans. The continent on which the story takes place, the continent of Zicil, is the second largest continent in the world and the most populous.

The continent is currently ruled by the Atian Faith, a large Church that holds the knowledge of the great God Clostus, the God of Creation. Ruled by Saons, Highest of the Church Priesthoods, the world bows to their supreme knowledge and their leadership. As they control the world, a Resistance movement against the church called the Los Angelos plot their downfall and prepare for their destruction.

Even though ruled by the Atian Faith, the land is divided into Seven Nations. The nations are Togur, Phun, Atias, Logann, Zicilia, Weyrias, and Feuerias. The leaders of these nations all meet with the Saons in a place called The Tomb of Aderas, The Judge-God. There they hear council from the High Saon, the chosen of the Saons to guard the Eldritch Catacombs, to keep Yugoroth Sealed and to Uphold the Knowledge laid down by Clostus.

The people govern themselves among City-States and through the power of City Councils who meet with their nation rulers every three years. Also, the people distinguish themselves by belonging to a guild of some sort.

There are Five Major Guilds known so far from the novels and they are: The Golden Eagle Guild, The Crowcraft Guild, The Guild of Arts, The Ravener's Guild, and The Red Flag Guild. Each representing their specific Jobs of a person.


The Legend of The FirebrandEdit

In The Beginning, Edami is standing trial on accounts of Murder and Heresy on which he is testified against by the Triad Saons, Five Villagers and Two Priests. He is then sentenced to exile from society and told if he ever returns to society that he would be slain. Shortly afterwards, he is branded by the Mark of Yugoroth, sentencing him to a life of banishment.

He departs the city of Atias and runs to the Woodland area nearby to meet up with Sorcerer Angres who claim he saw in a vision the Firebrand, glowing and tearing asunder the Forst-bitten Terrain of Religion and freeing the soul of the one who wields it. Edami then decides to find the sword with the Sorcerer Angres who desires it as well, but shortly after they finished talking, The Sorcerer was killed by a stray arrow from a hunter.

Edami chases down the hunter to a small hut where he finds his Friend, Qastel, who had been missing for Seven years. They decide to join together to find the sword, but begins with several rumors to make way for the south. They find their way to a secluded village to receive a blessing from a shaman there. They both approached the Altar of The Gods, where they both asked for the power to seek after the Firebrand. Shortly afterwards, The village was set on fire and the people in the village panicked. Afterwards revealing that the Atian Army came and destroyed the village for fun, which furthered Edami's want to find the Firebrand.

They travel south past the Red Flag River, making way to another small village that hides in seclusion. After arriving, they learn that a battle is occurring outside of town and is involving members of different Factions such as the Red Flag Guild and The Crowcraft Guild.