The Fehder Series is a Fantasy Series by Author Andrew Reyman. Andrew began writing the series in 1989 as he finished his novel Riverfront Warriors and published his first novel in 1990. Originally planned to be a small novel, it transformed into a series that now has Seven Novels, Three Novellas, Five Short Stories and one Article on the world surrounding the series.

The Series takes place in the world of Uoe on the Continent of Ageres, but only one novel takes place in the Far East on an unknown Continent with an Apparingly Futuristic Society that has conquered space travel and are called the "Star People" because of this. Most of the Characters are Human, but some are uniquely alien (as such in the novel of the Star People). The Story is told through Third Person Omnisient by a Narrator that is identified as "The Traveler".

The Storyline is Three Storylines that are all interwoven through the world, only one is set on only one novel. One talks about the journey of Aldin, the Albino Fedher who journeys with the Gedhas Battalion of the wall of Marona to the north. They search for the Last Sorcerer in the world to destroy the Warlock Amar who controls the eye of Hedgon. The other storyline tells of the Princess Aeira who learned of Aldin and is in hunt of the Albino to "Steal the Red Eyes of Heaven". She is bent on the tales of her mother in the hopes of conquering the world for her father's kingdom.

The Last Storyline tells of the Minister Memmra who is trying to establish a peace treaty with the Sendani, a powerful race who leads the second largest military in the world. As he establishes it, the world continues to be threatened by the attacks fromt the Fenguari Federation.

The Series has gained International Fame and has been adapted as a Roleplaying Game, a Television Series and a Video Game.

Plot SynopsisEdit

The Fedher Series tells Two Principle Storylines, both told in the same Narration that tell of the two Characters of Aldin and Aeira. It takes place on the continent of Ageres, but at the same time also takes place in the world of Uoe. The Story Tells of the Journey of Aldin as he goes to stop the Plans of Amar who wishes to bring the downfall of the world. He brings along with him his closest Friend Ceirin who wants to find the Treasure of Zaya, lost to history and time.

The Other Principle Storyline Tells of the Prince Aeira as she seeks to assassinate Aldin to steal from him "The Red Eyes of Heaven". As she does, she brings along her trusted Knight, Verdos who is conflicted to serve Aeira. Even still, Aeira ran away from home, away from her powerful Father to capture this man. Because of that, the storyline also ensues that her father's soldiers are chasing after her in the harsh weather across the land.

The Final Storyline Tells of the Minister Memmra as he tries to save the planet from total destruction. He also seeks to find the Mystery of the Chronicle's Past. As he does, he answers to the Charges of Treason from the High Council of the Inter-Galactic Terran Federation (IGTF).

Publishing HistoryEdit

All the pages Total are given below with all the Paperback Editions and the Hardback Editions published.

# Title Pages Chapters US Release
1. Fedher 789(546 Hardcover) 46 August 1990
2. Gates of Seven 905(768 Hardcover) 57 July 1993
3. The All Seeing Eye 876(630 Hardcover) 39 September 1994
4. A Sorcerer's Word 1102(987 Hardcover) 78 October 1996
5. the Passing 1000(892 Hardcover) 55 November 1998
6. The Opening of the Gate 998(799 Hardcover) 68 Febuary 2000
7. The Last Account of Fedher 1029(962 Harcvoer) 49 May 2003

Fedher Novel (1990)Edit

Before writing the Novel, Andrew was thinking of trying to improve on writing by doing Essays for different Magazines. He read one article on a story idea that was rejected and was given inspiration for the novel off of the original storyline of that one story. He then wrote the first 100 pages in one night and finished the first half in Seven Months. The Next Five Months completed the novel and he edited the novel in the next few months and released it finally. As he finished, he was compelled to do more of the novel.

He used JRR Tolkien and David Eddings as an Inspiration as he wrote his novel. He also used Ursula K Le Guin as a bigger part for the novel. He edited it to the format of an Epic Fantasy to model JRR Tolkien and David Eddings and wrote a Prologue at the very end. He stated that, "I Listened extensively to Classical Music for this novel and found the best work was Bach and Mozart who helped me with this novel. It was a success!"

2-4 Novels (1993-1996)Edit

After he finished the first novel, he had more inspiration for the story and continued on for the Second novel. He wrote the First part of The Gate of the Seven Triangles in Seven Nights. He continued writing for Three Months and finished the novel, but put it aside as he wrote more of his novel Zuzu. After A year, he decided to Edit the Novel and it took him Half a year to finish editing and finally released it.

He continued writing more onto the second novel and came with the third novel and planned to publish it in '94. He finally published it and received a Hugo Award Nomination for the novel. The Novel was received well and became a New York Times Bestseller. He didn't think it would receive any attention, but it received more than he thought it would.

He took a small break for a several years from the series and decided to write several other novels. He stated, "I wrote down some Ideas for the novel, several small things. By the time I was done with the break, I sat down and my whole novel was already done." He published the novel and received a Locus Award and won a Hugo Award for the novel.

Rest of the Series (1998-2003)Edit

Andrew finally wrote down the rest of his Ideas down immediately after the success of his last novel. He spent two entire years working on this novel and found it was too big to be one novel and divided it into several parts. He felt there was a gap in the storyline and asked his father to help him with this one novel. He then co-wrote with his father the novel "The Passing". After that, he edited the series more and published each part seperately at different times. After that, the series was almost complete.

At the end of the series, he sat down to write the final part of the novel, but couldn't improve the series any further and tried to leave it where it was, but it demanded for an ending, so he wrote more to the story. He sat down for a year and wrote nonstop, but scrapped it because it didn't feel right. He then wrote another version which was the better version and edited to publish as "The Last Account of Fedher". After it was published, the series became well known.