Fallwind Online is an MMORPG developed by Isthmus Studios and Published by Microsoft on the PC, the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. It is the fourth game set in the Fallwind Universe which was first known in Fallwind: Legends of Darian's Blade in 2004. The world of Fallwind is Zeyul around Three Hundred Years after the last Fallwind game, Fallwind: The Cataclysm of Snowfrost. Fallwind was Announced in 2005 by Isthmus Studios and Beta Testing was released in Early 2006 and the Official Release was in November of 2006.

The first expansion set of the game, Fallwind Online: Goddess of the Snowfrost, was released in 2008. The second expansion set, Fallwind Online: The Gates of Ildrun, was released in 2009. The third expansion set, Fallwind Online: The Altaran Civil War, was released in 2010 as with the 1.50 code patch. The fourth expansion set, Fallwind Online: The Dying Frost, was released in 2011 and currently the fifth expansion set, Fallwind Online: Gods of Fallwind, is set to be released in December, 2012.

Currently Subscribed with over 6.9 Million Subscribers, it is one of the largest MMORPGs in the world. Fallwind is also the largest Gameworld in an RPG, holding the Guinness Book of World Records.


Starting Character or SessionEdit

As with many MMORPGs, the player begins with an Avatar that they can customize from five different races: The Elkuri Race, The Da'Orlien Race, The Ulgorian Race, The Crysthenium Race, and The Iltrenian Race. They use the Avatar to explore the game world, Go on quests, Fighting Various Monsters, and interacting with NPC's or other players.

Like other MMORPGs as well, Fallwind requires that you buy a Subscription, buy Game cards to play for a limited time or to pay monthly with credit or debit cards.

To enter the Game, they must select a server on which they wish to be on. Fallwind has over Three Thousand Servers active daily with Four thousand more in reserve. There are two servers which are used to designate the gaming type of person:

  • Player v. Enemy: Where the player mainly fights enemies, completes quests and roleplays. Player v. Player must be consensual or the Character is put on suspension for a period of three days.
  • Player v. Player: PvP is random and is not consensual, but some restrictions are required to prevent total Anihallations which are only brought down by the monsters. Roleplaying is optional.

Realms are also sorted by 40 different languages as well as 45 different regions.

All characters created are kept in a storage file where people can use them in any realm, but if they wish to delete and create a new character, it would cost them a fee.

To stay with the storyline of the original Fallwind Universe, characters must choose their alignment and their Liege to which they serve. They must choose from Thirteen Different Guilds to whom they'd serve or they'd choose the Adventurer's Path in which they don't serve anybody and explore the world and complete quests.


Fallwind Online is set in the same universe as the other three Fallwind games and has a similar art direction. Fallwind Online contains elements of Medieval Fantasy, Steampunk, Dark Fantasy, and Science Fiction: such as Exotic Landscapes, Traditional and New creatures, horrorific Creatures, and Metaphysical understanding of the Fallwind Universe.

Fallwind Online takes place in a 3D animation world based off the original game world in the Fallwind series in which they can interact through characters. The game world originally had Three continents in which the players could explore, but with the current expansions, Two more Continents are added and a Sixth one is under development. As players explore, there are modes of transportation that are available. Players can use "Avianic Transportation" in which they can fly on large birds. They can also use boats, airships, or Gaets to travel between continents and to different locations. The gameworld is in real time, so the seasons are prominant and change from time to time. When it is a Holiday, they open up a limited bonus dungeon so that people will get a chance to explore newer expansions that are coming in the future.

A number of Facilities are available to players as they explore the world such as an Elite Banking System, a Universal Storage Guild and Auction Houses.


The Music for Fallwind Online is composed by the Rock Group Albion and is collected into Four Albums volumized into two different sets called Fallwind: The Legends of Snowfrost and Fallwind: Ildruni Hymns. Albion has also composed fro Two other Fallwind Games and have been awarded the Video Game of the Year Award for Best Soundtrack.