Derek Trevor Keye Juniper Brown (Born Feburary 23, 1965), better known by his Pen Name Deryl Locke is an Comic Book Artist and Art Director of the Cloudy Storms Production Studio. He is also known for being the younger brother of Tannen Brown and Indy Brown. He is well known for his work on the McCoy Series, but also with the New Millenia and Jaggar of Solumba projects. '


Derek Brown was born in San Carlos in California to Ebeneezer Brown and Sarah Brown. He descends from both Irish and British Bloodlines, with his Grandfather, Jeremiah Brown being the immigrant in the family and His Great, Great Grandfather Father Peter O'Reilly. His Father was an Architect who graduated from Caltech and his mother graduated from California State University as an Art Student.

They moved to Los Angeles when his father was given a job constructing a few business offices in San Fernando Valley area. Derek Brown Graduated from High School at the William Howard Taft High School, graduating from Honors. He then Graduated from Caltech Suma Cum Laude, with a Major in