Sakaguchi Daro (Japanese Name, so Last name first) (October 5th, 1957) is a Japanese Animator and director well reknowned for his Science Fiction Epic, the Martian Saga.


The Martian SagaEdit

The Martian Saga was conceived when Sakaguchi desired to create something on a Grandeur scale after re-reading Akira by Tatsuhiro Otomo, while retaining the whole storyline to be told. His first objective was to create a manga to base his animation off of. He first consulted his best friend and writer, Kenichi Otomo, about what the story should be, but after watching Cowboy Bebop while he was over at his house, he began to formulate a story Idea.

He began to draw the manga with intent to create something with depth, politically and culturally. His main character, Domo, he chose to be a model person to represent the perfection of humanity we want to acheive while all the other characters are entirely malice and twisted to the core. He made the story progression something similar to Akira with bits being exposed before the whole picture comes into view and planned it to keep like this for the entirety of the story, but due to an accident that occurred while he had written the series, he had forgotten the concept and went all out with the story immediately following after the first volume's completion.

He spent a total of seventeen years working on the story and had begun works on the movies in 2001, but delayed until 2007 to carry on with his work. He explained the process of writing the story as, "I wake up, get a cup of coffee, the morning newspaper and I go to watch T.V. while waiting for the delivery truck to drop something off or the mail truck to pass by. After that, I go to the studio, close the door and just write and draw what I feel like."

He completed the Manga in 2011 and has been working on the first movie's release very soon, being very anticipated of a six movie saga. with all this  Anticipation, he has been forced to hurry up, but plans to have it set a very specific way with specific mechanics and such in place. It's plan is to be released sometime late in 2013.