Damon Aragorn Enrico (May 5, 1959) is a Spanish Science Fiction and Fantasy Author. He has written Novels, Children Books, Poetry, Short Stories and Essays.

First Published in the 70's, His works has explored the themes of Lonliness, Fear, Domination, Utopias and Dystopias, and explored Bhuddism. He is influenced by some of the Classics like Charles Dickens and Ernest Hemmingway, but has also taken influence from Greek Mythology and Christianity as well.

He has been named a Grand Master of the Genre and has received a large amount of awards including The Nebulas and the Hugos. He has influenced some authors like Amos Tatum and artists like Oracle Dahmer. Along with Peter Dunyach and Scott Gorksi, he is part of what is called The New Big Three Of Science Fiction.


Enrico was Born in Madrid, Spain to Archeologists Havana and Isabella Enrico. In 1964, Enrico moved to Egypt with his Parents when they were given an assignment. Havana began working on a Dig while Isabella attended School in Egypt to earn some knowledge in Egyptology.

Enrico received a B.A. at Cairo University before he departed for Spain again to get a M.A. at the Autonomous University of Madrid. Around the age of 21, Enrico married the writer, Joan Benedi.

Enrico became interested in Science Fiction after reading a book of Ursula K. Le Guin's from the Library and began writing stories, but never was able to submit them. He began at an early age studying Le Guin's Works and Gene Wolfe's Works as well. He then became interested in Heinlein and Arthur C. Clarke. He wrote and never submited a story until the age of 24 when he moved to the United States, finding it easier to publish there.

He continued to explore his interests in Science Fiction and Fantasy for a long time through the 80's and 90's. His most recognized novel is Grandfather, What does the Clock Say? which received the Triple Crown of Science Fiction.

He has collaborated with other authors on writings and has co-written stories and has edited Anthologies. He founded Anders Science Fiction with fellow author, Susan Anders Jr. and has received a Nebula and a Hugo for being an editor.

He currently lives with his wife and family in Berkley, Colorado and owns his own Vineyard. He has had four Children.


Enrico has received 6 Nebulas, 8 Hugos, Twelve Locus Awards, Five Phillip K. Dick Awards, Two World Fantasy Awards and has received The World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement along with being a Grand Master of Science Fiction.

He was a Finalist for the Pulitzer award Twice and won a National Book Award. He has also once one the Campbell Award and the Theodore Sturgeon Award as well. He has twice won the Bram Stoker Award and was given the title "Master of Science Fiction and Horror".


Enrico's works have a strong emphasis on Social Science Fiction, but some of his works are also attentive on Hard Science Fiction as well. Enrico is disgusted by the placement of his fictions and called it "Regular Science Fiction."

One of the common themes found in his works is the way he uses fear on his characters and how he makes them weak. He also draws influences from Eastern Mythology from Japan and China. He uses the philosophy of Bhuddism to incorporate into his works to explore deeper meanings. He also uses Christianity in some of his stories, but it's mainly Eastern Mythology that he uses in his novels.

He is also noted for writing stories that take place in normal life that expands more than 50 years. In his novel, Tai Szu Begins War, the main Character, Yen Chang gfoes through Five weeks of normal activity as recorded in journal as he transitions from regular life to a Soldier's life as he fights under Tai Szu. He worries about his health and visits the doctor three times, goes to job for five days a week and comes home to rest.

Enrico doesn't demonstrate typical science fiction Technology and tries to make his stories believeable. He doesn't explore Faster-Than-Light Travel, but rather what he calls "Inter-Demensional Travel" which has been borrowed by Several authors.


He has edited Several different Magazines at different periods, but is remembered for editing the long going Anthology Stars Beyond Series.

He has worked with Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine for only one year before he switched over to Clarkesworld Magazine for Two years. He then worked for One year in Lightspeed when it was founded, but didn't stay long.


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