Andrew Leon von Strahl Reyman (1976) is the Eldest Son of Thomas Reyman and is an Author, most notable for his Fedher Series. Andrew is also an occasional voice on his father's albums. He is also very skilled at playing guitar.

Early LifeEdit

Andrew was born in 1976, one year after Thomas Reyman and his mother got married. He was raised in Salt Lake, but traveled round the world most of the time. After settling from traveling round the world, he took up writing and began to write stories at the age of 8. Being interested in Fantasy and Science Fiction, he wrote short stories to Magazines and was an avid reader. He then completed his education and went to Utah State University for a good education.


  • He began to write more and more after college and finally published the novel Riverfront Warriors, his first real novel. He began to publish more and more over a course of ten years. He received 10 Hugos, 9 Nebula Awards, 12 Locus Awards, and a Philip K Dick Award. Over Three of his books were New York Times Best Sellers with only one being nominated for a Grammy.

Personal LifeEdit

Andrew is now married to Isabelle Knight, a Painter. He has had three Children, Jacob, Dexter, and Deborah.

Authorship (selected Works)Edit

He has published well over 600 Novels, 50 Short Story Collections, 9 Poetry Books, and 70 Essays.

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