Andrew Humphrey Jensen(1949) or Better known as Andrew Blitz or The Blitz is a Guitarist, Pianist, Singer and Actor who is known for his place in The Guests and for his successful solo career. He also started three Groups, one of the mosr famous is the Tommyknockers which he named after a Novel by Stephen King. He was ranked #23 on Mojo's "Top 100 Rock Guitarists" and #79 on the Rolling's Stones List.

Early LifeEdit

Born in 1949 to Henry Bunker Jensen and French Immagrant Sarah Elizabeth Chopin, he lived his life in New York City. He spent his time going to fancy hotels and "Banging On the Piano" as he said. He also took a little lesson from the Pianist there. As Andrew Played there, he came across a Teacher From Juliard who heard him playing a version of the Mapleleaf Rag which Andrew Learned a couple years before. The Teacher was amazed at his playing and took him to the school. By age 16, he became very interested in The Beatles after hearing one of their songs on the Television. He then saw John Lennon Playing the Guitar and wanted to learn to play guitar. As he took guitar lessons, he was discovered as a Virtuoso on guitar; which is an unusual thing. at the age of 18, he moved to Salt Lake Valley with his family to find a good life there. He founded Jack's Music Store and that's when he met Thomas Reyman.

Start of CareerEdit